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About One World Films

Big stories make big films
Founded in 2010, Oneworld Films Pvt. Ltd. is an upcoming production house; with the goal to produce films which carry a universal connect.

Our aim is to deliver films with great stories, rich visual imagery, engaging storytelling a sensibility that touches every human’s heart. Having more than 26 bound scripts in various genres like Drama, Crime, History, Humor, Travel, Crossover; we believe that originality is the soul of filmmaking.

We intend to bring the diverse Indian culture unheard stories from Indian subcontinent to the attention of film aficionados spread over the globe.

The focus is always on making entertaining films with a soul, which can bring Indian films to the forefront of world cinema. At Oneworld Films we believe in the concept of no boundaries. This pushes us forward to make films that can break through barriers of language, religion, geography or culture.

From a strong content driven philosophy to ability to create a visually stunning entertaining cinema, Oneworld Films wants to soon become the preferred choice of filmmakers, actors crew.

The way of the future for Oneworld Films is to craft brilliant working relationships with actors technicians alike exp the film making horizon.

We strive to make inroads into international film sales distribution through thought provoking, avant-garde cinema that has world sensibilities

Culture @ OneWorld Films
Oneworld Films is a small, closely knit family of enlightened minds working towards achieving a singular goal – Making world class cinema. All the members picked have tremendous enthusiasm zeal towards film making.